Animal's Town
Animal's Town






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Rutle Corps

Animal's Town was a concept album by Punk Floyd, released in 1978. It provided a scathing critique of capitalism but ended up selling millions of copies.

Much of the album was recorded in the back of a lorry which drove around Central America. After the lorry crashed one day, a member of the group chipped his nail, which prompted him to quit the band. They got sued multiple times for playing too loudly. 

Track ListingEdit

Side oneEdit

  1. Animal's Town - Intro
  2. Pigs on the Left Bank (Part One)
  3. Children's Dogs
  4. Pigs (I've Had Enough)

Side twoEdit

  1. Sheep with a Little Luck
  2. Pigs on the Left Bank (Part Two)
  3. Booze Moose and the Grey Goose
  4. Bull Of Queentyre

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