Archaeology 3


28 October 1996


May 1968–3 January 1970, EMI Studios and Apple Studios, London





Rutle Corps

"Archaeology 3" was a compilation album released in 1997. Unlike the last two albums, this one is 100% unreleased original songs.

Track listEdit

  1. "A Mean Gig"
  2. "Protest Song"
  3. "Bank"
  4. "Dead Guilty" (Demo)
  5. "Teddy Goy"
  6. "You Stole My Baby"
  7. "Boring"
  8. "The Children of Rock n' Roll (early version of Good Times Roll)"
  9. "Today is Our Wedding Day"
  10. "All Things Fall Down (demo)"
  11. "Ain't She Sour"
  12. "Come and Rut it"
  13. "Feet (an unused version of You Need Feet)"
  14. "The Short Blues"
  15. "Young Black Slippers" (O'Hara)
  16. "Maxwell House's Bronze Anvil"
  17. "Electric Eel's Greenhouse"
  18. "The Missing Rutles Song"
  19. "Tea Cause" (vocals only)
  20. "You You Yours" (raw demo)
  21. "The Middle" (remix)
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