Banned on the Run
Banned On The Run


7 December 1973








Banned on the Run is the 5th album by Dirk McQuickly & Punk Floyd. and was released in 1973. It was 1974's top selling album in the UK and Australia

Background & RecordingEdit

After the success of the recent single 'Live and Let Diet', Dirk McQuickly decided he wanted to record another album with Punk Floyd. After becoming bored of recording in the UK, they decided to record somewhere exotic. After looking at available studios, they decided to record in Hackney. Days before they were set to head to Hackney, two members of Punk Floyd quit because Dirk clogged the toilet, leaving just Dirk, Martini and Denny.

When, they arrived in Hackney, they discovered the studio was not in the condition they had hoped. After building the studio out of bricks they had found in a local skip, they set to work recording. They faced many problems while recording, including being mugged of the studio. After they had built a new studio, they were sued by the skip for stealing the equipment. On one occasion, McQuickly fainted after complaining about not being able to see properly during one vocal take, but recovered fully within minutes. 


(All tracks written by McQuickly/McQuickly unless noted)

Side one

  1. Banned On the Run
  2. Wet
  3. Gluebird
  4. Mrs. Mandeville
  5. Let Me Hole It
  6. Pneumonia
  7. Melon Heels (additional track on US release only)

Side two

  1. No Curds (McQuickly/Lane)
  2. Picasso's Last Curds (Drink Some Tea)
  3. Ninteen Hundred And Eighty-six

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