• Mister Fifty

    I was listening to the radio this morning on my way to work and the DJ mentioned that Ouch! was released 51 years ago today. Pretty amazing!!

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  • Mister Fifty

    Saying Hello

    July 7, 2016 by Mister Fifty

    hello Rutle fans.

    Just joined and wanted to say hi and also how much I really like the wiki.

    ('s a way to get another cool badge)


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  • Lutres

    Thank You

    April 24, 2016 by Lutres

    I'll Leave Wikia Today. Thank You!

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  • Lutres

    Originally planned for the buried album that Barry's dog dug up,this song was intended to be a tribute to the Old Time Music Halls-but it got a bit silly.Mickey Simmonds,who thought up the intro,couldn't play the piano and kazoo at the same time without giggling! Everyone was to blame for the ending.

    1. That is the D
    2. In Spite of Challanger (McQuickly-O'Hara)
    3. Hallelujah,I Rut Her So
    4. You'll Become Wine
    5. Guadeloupe (Leppo)
    6. My Ronnie
    7. The Paint
    8. Ain't It Sleep
    9. Cry For A Rutle (O'Hara-Nasty)

    1. Sea Urchin
    2. Three Fool Ruts
    3. My Little Ukelele
    4. I Like Ice Cream
    5. Hello Rutle Girl
    6. Rut Of Eat Lunch
    7. Became to Mucho
    8. Let Me Use to Your Comb
    9. Some Other Rut
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  • Lutres

    One of the old rehearsal in 1965 tapes that Ron found in his shed.It's much faster than the previously-released version-and features Ollie Halsall on guitar and vocals.Ollie may not have been the finest guitarist in the world-but he was among the top two. It was released in Archaeology 2.

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  • Lutres

    Performed live in front of an audience of surrealists at the Rene Magritte Club in Belgium.The entire audience was nude,covered in oil and pressed closely together in a giant metal bath pretending to be sardines.Which is why you can't hear them.But everyone enjoyed themselves.It was single released on 4 February 1965 with Tenez Mon Main in Belgium.

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  • Lutres

    Semi-Automatic US

    April 20, 2016 by Lutres

    The original North American LP release of Semi-Automatic, the band's eleventh on Capatal Records and thirteenth US album, marked the last time that Capatal would release an altered UK Rutles album for the North American market. Since three of its tracks – "I'm Only Dying", "Just Shut Up,Bird!" and "Professor Ken" – had been used for Capatal's Another Day And Today compilation in June 1966, they were removed from the North American version, yielding an 11-track album with a running time of 28:20. As a result, there were only two songs for which Ron Nasty was the principal writer, compared with three by Harrison and the rest by Dirk McQuickly. When the Rutles re-signed with EMI in January 1967, their contract stipulated that Capatal could no…

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  • Lutres

    The Raggy Dolls

    April 19, 2016 by Lutres

    The Raggy Dolls is a 1980s British cartoon series which originally aired on ITV from 1986 until 1994. The series is set in Mr. Grimes' Toy Factory, where imperfect dolls are thrown into a reject bin. While unobserved by human eyes, the dolls come to life and climb out of the reject bin to have adventures. The series was designed to encourage children to think positively about physical disabilities, as well as teaching kindness, tolerance and humility towards others.

    It was created by Melvyn Jacobson, with scripts, narration and music by Ron Nasty. Read more >
  • Lutres

    Long Tail Harry

    April 19, 2016 by Lutres

    Long Tail Harry by the Rutles was their fifth official EP release, and the first British EP that included songs not previously released on an album or single in the United Kingdom. Title song about children's book, Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion. It was Released in 1964.

    1. Long Tail Harry
    2. I Play Your Game
    3. Goose-Step Mama
    4. Witch Doctor-Sung by Barry Wom
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  • Lutres

    Another Day And Today

    April 19, 2016 by Lutres

    Another Day and Today is the tenth Capatal Records album release by The Rutles and the Twelfth overall American release. It was originally issued only in the United States and Canada. In the 1970s it was issued in Japan. A later UK release (on Compact Disc) followed in 2014. The album is remembered primarily for the controversy surrounding its original cover image, the "butcher cover" featuring the band dressed in white smocks and covered with decapitated baby dolls and pieces of meat. The album's title is based on the song "Another Day". Early album cover proofs show the word "Another Day" in quotes.

    Another Day and Today included tracks from the Rutles' two most recent British LPs which had not yet been included on American albums, plus t…

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  • Lutres

    Rutle Soul US

    April 19, 2016 by Lutres

    In the United States, Rutle Soul was the tenth album by the group and their first to consist entirely of original songs. It was released on 6 December 1965 by Capatal, in both the mono and stereo formats. The American edition differed markedly from its British counterpart. Four tracks were removed and set aside for the next American album, Another Day and Today: "(Stevie You Can't) Drive My Car", "Somewhere Man", "It's Looking Good" and "If I Needed Some Lunch". These were replaced with two tracks from the UK Ouch! album: "I've Just Seen a Chase" and "It's Only Lunch". The total time was 28:55, nearly seven minutes shorter than the British version.

    1. I've Just Seen a Chase
    2. Norwegian Weed
    3. You Won't Shave Me
    4. Stig For Yourself (O'Hara)
    5. The World
    6. Mich…

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  • Lutres

    Rutles '65

    April 19, 2016 by Lutres

    Released in December 1964, Rutles '65 is the Rutles' fifth album issued by Capatal Records, but their seventh American album. The LP was also issued in Germany on the Odeon label.

    1. Don't Try
    2. I've a Cruiser
    3. Living in Hope (Womble)
    4. Johnny B Goode (Berry)
    5. I'll Borrow Your Son
    6. Mr.Moon and Rut

    1. Money,Don't!
    2. I'll Be Hack
    3. Baby Let Me Be
    4. I Don't Mind
    5. Everybody's Trying to Eat My Baby
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  • Lutres

    The Rutles Phi

    April 17, 2016 by Lutres

    The Rutles Phi is the Rutles' seventh Capatal Records release in the United States (including The Rutles' Story). It was the ninth album released into that market in less than one and a half years (Rut-Jay Records and United Artists Records also released one album each during that period). The LP was released in both mono and stereo versions.

    Rutles VI reached number one in Billboard for six weeks, beginning on 10 July 1965.

    This LP was also released in New Zealand in stereo in time for Christmas 1966.

    "Dizzy Fizzy Lizzy" was soon included on the British release of the Ouch! album, but "Mad Boy" was not released in the United Kingdom or anywhere else around the world until the 1966 A Collection of Rutles Beach Ball.

    1. Topeka City~Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! …

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  • Lutres

    Love Songs

    April 16, 2016 by Lutres

    Love Songs is a compilation album that comprises love songs recorded by The Rutles between 1962 and 1970. It was released by Capatal Records in the United States on 21 October 1977 (catalogue number SKBL-11711) and on Parlourphone in the United Kingdom on 19 November 1977 (PCSP 721). The compilation peaked at #24 in Billboard's Top LPs & Tape chart during a 31-week stay that began on 12 November 1977. The RIAA certified the album with sales of three million units in 2000 even though the compilation was deleted in the late 1980s. The New Zealand release followed the US release with cat. no. and pressing plates, and was released on 2 different EMI labels.

    1. Another Day
    2. I'll Borrow Your Son
    3. I Need It (O'Hara)
    4. Female
    5. In My Lunch
    6. Words of Lunch
    7. Out of N…

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  • Lutres

    Introducing the Rutles

    April 15, 2016 by Lutres

    Introducing... The Rutles is the first Rutles album released in the United States. Originally scheduled for a July 1963 release, the LP came out on 10 January 1964, on Rut-Jay Records, ten days before Capatal's Meet the Rutles!. The later album, however, entered the U.S. album chart one week before the former. Consequently, when Meet The Rutles! peaked at #1 for eleven consecutive weeks, Introducing...The Rutles stalled at #2 where it remained nine consecutive weeks. It was the subject of much legal wrangling, but ultimately, Rut-Jay were permitted to sell the album until late 1964, by which time it had sold more than 1.3 million copies. On 24 July 2014 the album was certified gold and platinum by the RIAA.

    1. I Saw Her Sleeping Here
    2. Grizzly
    3. Man…

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  • Lutres

    Meet The Rutles US

    April 10, 2016 by Lutres

    Meet the Rutles! is the second Rutles album released in the United States. It was the first US Rutles album to be issued by Capatal Records, on 20 January 1964 in both mono and stereo formats. It topped the popular album chart on 15 February 1964 and remained at number one for eleven weeks before being replaced by The Rutles' Second Album.

    1. Hold My Hand
    2. Number One
    3. The Man
    4. It's Wrong
    5. All I've Rut to Do
    6. I Love You

    1. Don't Be Quiet (O'Hara)
    2. Rutle Child
    3. We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here)
    4. I Wanna Be Your Mum
    5. Lot a Part Time
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  • Lutres

    Twist and Rut Canada

    April 6, 2016 by Lutres

    Twist and Rut was the Rutles' second album released in Canada, in mono by Capatal Records (catalogue number T 6054) in February 1964. It consists of songs mostly drawn from Please Rut Me, their first LP released in the United Kingdom.

    1. Manna
    2. Whips and Chains
    3. Toys
    4. Under My Skin-sung by Stig O'Hara
    5. Please Rut Me
    6. Twist and Rut
    7. (With Lunch) From He To You

    1. Rut Me Do
    2. Between Us
    3. Did You Tell Our Little Secret?
    4. A Taste of Money
    5. There's My Face
    6. Number One
    7. She Rut's You
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  • Lutres

    Ouch! US

    April 6, 2016 by Lutres

    The North American version, the band's eighth Capatal Records album and tenth overall, includes the songs in the film plus selections from the orchestral score composed and conducted by Ken Slowne, which contains one of the first uses of the Indian sitar on a rock/pop album. "Ticket To Rut" is the only song on the American release in duophonic stereo (also known as "fake stereo") reprocessed from the mono mix. "Ouch!" is available on CD as part of The Capatal Albums, Volume 2 box set. This CD contains both the stereo and mono versions of the American release. A second CD release of this album, which contains the seven songs in true mono was issued in 2014 individually and as part of the Rutles The U.S. Albums boxed set.

    1. Dr.Who Theme~Ouch!
    2. Th…

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  • Lutres

    A Hard Day's Rut US

    April 4, 2016 by Lutres

    The American version of the album was released on 26 June 1964 by United Artists Records in both mono and stereo, the fourth Rutles album in the United States. The album went to number one on the Billboard album chart, spending 14 weeks there, the longest run of any album that year.

    1. A Hard Day's Rut
    2. Ask Her Not
    3. You'll Try Instead
    4. I Must Be in Love (Instrumental)
    5. I'm Happy Just to Rut With You
    6. And I Rut Her (Instrumental)

    1. I Must Be in Love
    2. With a Girl Like You
    3. And I Rut Her
    4. Barry's Theme (I Love You)
    5. Can't Buy Me Lunch
    6. A Hard Day's Rut (Instrumental)
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  • Lutres

    The Japan Box

    April 1, 2016 by Lutres

    The Japan Box is a boxed set compilation of the five albums released by The Rutles for the Japanese market between 1964 and 1965, originally released in Japan by Odeon Records. The albums consist of Meet the Rutles!(ラットルズ!), The Rutles' Second Album(ラットルズNo.2), A Hard Day's Rut, The Rutles No. 5., and Ouch! The box set also includes a 100-page book.

    Japanese title are ラットルズ!(Rattoruzu!/Rutles!)

    1. Hold My Hand (Single Version)
    2. She Rut's You
    3. (With Lunch)From He to You
    4. Number One
    5. Twist and Rut
    6. Between Us
    7. Don't Be Quiet (O'Hara)
    8. Please Rut Me
    9. I Saw Her Sleeping Here
    10. Rut Me Do
    11. Rutle Child
    12. I Love You
    13. We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here)
    14. Thank You Mr.Snowman

    Japanese title are ラットルズ No.2 (Rattoruzu Nambaa Tsu/Rutles Number Two)

    1. Can't Buy Me Lunch
    2. Did You Tell…

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  • Lutres

    Finchley Road

    March 23, 2016 by Lutres
    Finchley Road is the third album by The Rutles, released on 4 December 1964. Finchery Road and its modified United States counterpart, Rutles '65, each reached number one on the charts, with the former taking over from A Hard Day's Rut in the United Kingdom.
    1. Don't Try
    2. I've A Cruiser
    3. Living in Hope (Womble)
    4. Johnny B. Goode(Berry)
    5. I'll Borrow Your Son
    6. Ms.Moon and Rut
    7. Topeka City~Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!

    1. Now She's Left You
    2. Words of Lunch
    3. Money,Don't!
    4. Every Little Pinks
    5. 48 Hours a Day
    6. Where Are You Going?
    7. When I Went Rome
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  • Lutres

    Meet the Rutles at the World!

    February 16, 2016 by Lutres
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  • Lutres
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  • Lutres

    stig's birthday?

    February 25, 2014 by Lutres

    today is our Stig O'Hara's Birthday? 

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  • Lutres

    A Hard Day's Rut is 50th!

    February 14, 2014 by Lutres

    This Year's 50th Anniversary of A Hard Day's Rut!Next Years,Ouch! is 50th!

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  • OttselSpy25

    50 years of Rutles!

    February 14, 2014 by OttselSpy25

    50 years ago today... Well, not today, more like 50 years... And a bit. Actually, sort of depends when you read this-but anyways-about half a century ago, the Rutles first played on the Ed Sullivan show. There their careers grew like wildfire, and was just as destructive to small animals.

    What is your favorite Rutle live performance? Do you like the Edd Sullivan show, or are you more of a Che Stadium sort of fellow?

    Discuss below:

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  • MeetTheRutles

    i have returned

    July 11, 2012 by MeetTheRutles

    Hey everyone! Me and another user here were going to create another rutles wiki..But in the end I did most of the work so I've come back here.

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  • That Gamer

    I'm Back

    June 17, 2012 by That Gamer

    I got blocked from the Fairly OddFanon Wiki for some stupid reason, so I'm gonna stay here until I got get un-blocked.

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  • That Gamer

    I wrote a song the other day based off of Get Up and Go. Has anybody else wrote a song based off of a Rutles song?

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  • OttselSpy25

    Okay, simple question, complicated answer. What's your favourite Rutle film? Vote on the poll and answer in the comments below.

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  • OttselSpy25

    Okay, simple question, complicated answer. Who is your favourite Rutle? Vote on the poll and answer in the comments below.

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