Blood Life


May 20 2008


Thrash metal, Comedy metal




Oglio Records

Blood Life is a single released by the mash-up band Rutallica. It is a parody of the Rutles song "Love Life". The song was released in 14 different languages, and because of that, no one could ever listen to it in its entirety.


  1. "Blood Life" (American English)
  2. "Vida de sangue" (Portuguese)
  3. "Verd elu" (Estonian)
  4. "La vie du sang" (French)
  5. "Blut das leben" (German)
  6. "Ver az eletem" (Hungarian)
  7. "חי דם" (Hebrew)
  8. "Vita de sangue" (Italian)
  9. "Vida de sangre" (Mexican Spanish)
  10. "Leven van bloed" (Dutch)
  11. "Zycie z krwi" (Polish)
  12. "Жизнь крови" ('Zhizn krovi') (Russian)
  13. "혈액의 삶" ('Hyeol-aeg ui salm') (Korean)
  14. "Blood Life" (radio edit)

Bonus tracksEdit

  • "血の生活" ('Chi no Seikatsu') (Japanese, released exclusively in Japan)

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