Brian Thigh being interviewed by Melvin Hall

Brian Thigh was a top recording manager for Mecca Records in London 1962. He was known as the man who turned down The Rutles. Brian had a persistant cough, from cigarette smoking. He was interviewed by Melvin Hall for the All You Need Is Cash documentary.


Brian was Mecca Records' top recording manager in London through the early 60's. In 1962, Leggy Mountbatten hopped into his office and showed him photos and tapes of The Rutles. Brian declined to sign them saying that guitar groups were on their way out and would never make any money in the 1960's.


In an unseen piece of the interview with Melvin Hall, he berates Brian by saying that he's a "jerk", "nerd" and a "twat" and he has "the brains of a duck", "the business sense of a cretin", "the ideas of an idiot of three" and "no business sense what so ever". Brian, despondent by these accusations, shoots himself at the end of the interview.

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