Chastity Hitler
-Wife- Nasty, laughing


18 February 1933 Berlin, Germany


Musician, Destructo-artist, Screamer

Associated Acts:

Polyvinyl Wicker Trio


Ron Nasty (1968- Present)


Don Nasty

Chastity Hitler, whose father had invented WW2, is the second wife of Ron Nasty. She has lived with him from 1968 to the present. In 1975 , Chasity gave birth to their only son, Don Nasty.

Meeting Ron Edit

Chastity met Ron at The Pretentious Gallery, Soho, in the Summer of '68 where Ron went to view her exhibit of destructo art. The two hit it off well, and began to discuss art and destruction. The next day, they held a press conference in their shower to announce their engagement. The two released many songs together, including Cold Turkey Sandwich, Imitation Song,Gimme Your Tooth, How Do You Rut, Dog (Nuf Eb Nac Aixelsyd), Dream On #9 (You'll Never Be A 10), Full Figured Woman Of The World, Mind Control (The Best Song Ever Written, Or Else), (Just Like) Sliding Over, Motherfather, Watching The Whales (Mate), Instant Credit, Give Peas A Chance and End Bad Things (if you want to).

Later Career Edit

Chastity later changed her name to Gwyneth Paltrow, and became an actress, as said by Nasty in a 1996 interview.

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