THE RUTLES - Cheese And Onions (1969)

THE RUTLES - Cheese And Onions (1969)

From the film All You Need Is Cash

Cheese and Onions is a song by The Rutles featured on the 1969 film Yellow Submarine Sandwich and the 1999 album Yellow Submarine Sandwich Soundtrack.

Nasty performed the song on his brief appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1977.


The song starts with simple piano playing. The vocals come in later. Before the spelling of the title, drums and orchestration come in, sounding similar to Piggy in the Middle. After a while, a cresendo of violins comes in. When that ends, the album ends with what is often credited as the memorable ending to any song in Rutles' history: One pound of a key on the low end of the piano. The song was written mainly by Nasty, but credited to Nasty-McQuickly.


The lyrics describe what Nasty was thinking about at the time - a cheese and onion sandwich. However, he also included various other things he had heard about that day and trying to make it sound philisophical.

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