The cover of CSNYGB's only known album.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Gifted and Black were a folk rock group and one of the many musical groups managed by the Rutles' manager Leggy Mountbatten in the sixties. They all had matching plaid jackets.

Before signed to Rutle Corps, they were known as "The Machismo Brothers", however, after the rise of the Summer of Lunch and the feminist movement they were forced by Leggy to change the group's name in order to avoid possible lawsuits.

The bandEdit

  • David Crosby - rhythm and acoustic guitars, vocals
  • Stephen Stills - vocals, guitars, songwriting
  • Graham Nash - vocals, harmony vocal, acoustic guitar
  • Neil Young - vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards
  • Mike Gifted - harmonica and bass
  • Frank Black - drums

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