Don't Know Why is a song that is featured on The Rutles Archeology 1 album. It was originially recorded in 1977 by Ron Nasty as a home demo, but it wasn't released at the time, due to its sudden disappearance in 1979 down the back of a sofa. Later, in 1995, Stig O'Hara and Barry Wom were looking for another track to put onto The Rutles Archeology 1 album, preferably a song by Ron Nasty that they hadn't released yet. Their problem was solved when Chastity Ron Nasty's wife, came round to the recording studio to give them the unreleased casette tape from 1977 that she found down the back of the sofa, where it had been lost. Dirk, Stig and Barry then took that tape and recorded each of their vocals over the top. They also got an orchestra for the backing track to add more to the song. They also asked Jeff Lynne, who was the frontman of ELO, to produce it.

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