Don Hitler Nasty (born October 9,1975) is an anti-semite singer and songwriter of no fixed place of work. He is the son of Ron Nasty and Chastity Hitler.

Early Life Edit

Don Nasty was born October 9, 1975, around the time his father became anti-social. Rude Nasty is his half brother. Don was educated at Principal Wanking To Pictures of Anteaters elementary school, until he let off an H-Bomb on one of the classes, killing 3,000,000 people over a 5 mile radius. At the age of 7, Nasty married Chlamydia Crazy, a member of the The Manson Family.

Career Edit

In 1996, Don and Chlamydia Nasty released their 85 hour long album, Into the Room. Don Nasty cannot play instruments, but this hasn't stopped him from trying or from releasing the album.

This collaboration lead to the forming of the band, Reading a Newspaper about a New Dinosaur Discovered in The Rutland Area Then Realizing Your Tumbling Down Eight Flights of Stairs Knocking You Unconscious and Then You Wake Up and Realize Your In Argentina.

In 2015, Nasty collaborated with Mexican mariachi player, Los Alamos, and formed The Nasty Dehydration at Los Alamos.

Discography Edit

  1. Over the Moon
  2. Half Horse, Half Human
  3. Spare Tire
  4. Abiogenetic Sessions
  5. Moonlight Fun
  6. An Eyesore on Triton