Flaming Thai is Dirk McQuickly's tenth studio album.

During the sessions for Archaeology, Dirk heard some Rutles songs that were so bad, and lodged themselves so firmly in his mind, that he had to write an album in order to get them out. Once the writing had been completed, he decided he couldn't be bothered to do most of the recording, instead relying on his family and Barry, plus producers to do much of the work.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. The Song We Were Singapole
  2. The World Timor
  3. If You Java
  4. Somalays
  5. Young Burma
  6. Calico Sumatra
  7. Flaming Thai
  8. Heaven On A Saigon
  9. Used To Be Bankok
  10. Souvietnam
  11. Laos Willow
  12. Philipinnes Love You
  13. Brunei Night
  14. Khmer Day

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