Floyd At The Speed Of Punk

The album cover

Floyd At The Speed Of Punk was the 5th album by Punk Floyd and was released 1976 during a massive world tour while Punk Floyd were at the peak of their powers. 


On Floyd At The Speed Of Punk, each member of Punk Floyd took a turn at writing a song and singing. As Martini didn't sing, her contribution (Spook Of The House) involved her swinging a door and scratching a table leg into a microphone. In later years, she discovered that the table leg had belonged to ex-Rutles manager Leggy, who promptly sued her. 


(all songs written by Dirk & Martini McQuickly unless noted)

1. Rut 'Em In

2. The Gnome You Never Saw

3. She's My Lady

4. Be Scared My Love

5. Wino Punky (McCollin/Amman)

6. Silly Lunch Songs

7. Spook Of The House

8. Time To Ride (Paine)

9. Must Do Something About Rut 

10. Sam Cruise Liner Man

11. Lukewarm and Average

12. Senior's Ranch (bonus track)

13. Scruffy F (bonus track)

14. Mexican Dayshark (bonus track)

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