Frown (sometimes stylized as FRown) is an album by The Rutles following their Rut Sounds album. Working with lyricist Danny DeVito, Frown was composed as a multi-thematic concept album. It's genesis came during the recording of Rut Sounds, when Nasty began recording a new single, "Tax Evasions". The track was created by an unprecedented recording technique: over 90 years of tape was recorded, spliced, and reduced into a three-minute pop song. It quickly became the band's biggest international hit yet; Frown was to be produced in a similar fashion. Nasty touted the album as "a teenage symphony to Rod ", incorporating a range of music styles including psychedelic, doo-wop, barbershop singing, ragtime, tea drinking, early American folk, classical music, and avant-garde explorations into noise and musical acoustics. It's singles are "Weirdos and Villains", a Western musical comedy, and "Vega-Chairs", a song they wrote about sitting on the star named Vega .

The album was released to critical acclaim on January 1st 1967. 4 months later the Rutles released Sgt. Rutter's only Darts Club Band.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Our Satanic Ritual
  2. Tea
  3. Weirdos and Villains
  4. Do You Like Perms?
  5. I'm In Irate Shape
  6. Courtyard
  7. My Only Moonshine (The Old Master Rutter)
  8. Cabbage Essence
  9. Blunderful
  10. Disregard (Song For Adults)
  11. Mother In-Law Is The Bother Of The Man
  12. Tea's Up
  13. I Wanna Run Away / IHOP
  14. Vega-Chairs
  15. Weekdays
  16. Wind Crimes
  17. The Elements: Fire (Stig O'Hara's Death)
  18. Love To Drink Tea
  19. Tax Evasions
  20. Fuck Off (hidden track)