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Gertrude in the music video for Stig's Rutterbox Palace.

Gertrude Strange


17 March 1944 New York City, United States


actress, biologically accommodating bed mate, muse


Stig O'Hara (1968- ??)


Mhani O'Hara (born 1978)

Gertrude Strange was a large breasted, biologically accommodating American girl who is the wife of Stig O'Hara.

They have one child together Mhani O'Hara.

Meeting StigEdit

Gertrude had initially played one of the schoolgirls in A Hard Day's Rut who steals The Rutles' wallets while they're sleeping on the train ride back to London.

She would not meet Stig again until 1968. Fans all over the world thought that Stig was dead. Stig had in fact been far from dead, but not far from Esher where Gertrude lived. The two had fallen into bed together, stayed there for a while and were married after that. Their son Mhani was born in 1978.
Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 17.55.26

Gertrude with Stig and Arthur Sultan in 1968.

They seperated when Stig accepted a position with Air India as a hostess.

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