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The Hard Rock Cafe is a franchise in USA that spans across many states. It has many Rutle memorabilia.


  • Ron Nasty's broken banjo from when he was a child.
  • Early jacket worn by Ron.
  • Early shoe worn by Ron.
  • Early sock worn by Ron.
  • Early piece of gum chewed by Dirk.
  • The original Tragical History Tour bus.
  • Autographed Archaeology CD.
  • A large collection of Rutle merchandising products, including Toys, Lunchboxes and Thermases.

The Rutles: together againEdit

Hard Rock Cafe

The Rutles play again.

In 1996, the three willing Rutles had a reunion at a Hard Rock Cafe, playing on a roof top and signing copies of Archaeology 1. A documentary was produced on the event, entitled The Rutles: Together Again.