Let It Rot
Let it rot album


8 May, 1970


February 1968 – 20 April 1970 EMI, Olympic and Trident Studios, London






Rutle Corps

Let It Rot was the Rutles' last official album to be released, although Shabby Road was recorded after it. The Rutles had previously shelved the project, after it got them all arrested.

In 2003 another version of the album called Let it Rot... Naked was released.

Track Listing Edit

All Nasty/McQuickly unless noted.

  1. I've Got A Lawsuit
  2. I Dig A Phoney
  3. Let's Be Natural
  4. Hey Mister!
  5. Stig it (O'Hara)
  6. Let It Rot
  7. Mother-may I? (Nasty/McQuickly/O'Hara/Womble/Leppo)
  8. Now She's Left You
  9. One After Last
  10. Another Day
  11. The Long a-la mode
  12. For Them Yellow (O'Hara)
  13. Get Up and Go

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