Let it Rot... Naked
Let it rot naked


17 November 2003


February 1968 – 20 April 1970 EMI, Olympic and Trident Studios, London






Rutle Corp

Let it Rot... Naked is a remix album released in 2003. Not much has changed from the other album, but this version has been stripped down greatly and shortened by a couple seconds. Later released was a CD filled to the brim with various Rutles stuff under the same name. However, most of was stuff nobody wanted to hear on Let it Rot.


  1. I've Got A Lawsuit
  2. Dig A Phony (DIRK)
  3. Let's Be Natural
  4. Hey Mister!
  5. Stig It (O'Hara)
  6. Let It Rot
  7. Mother-may I? (Nasty/Womble/O'Hara/McQuickly/Leppo)
  8. Now She's Left You
  9. One After Last
  10. Another Day
  11. The Long a-la mode
  12. Get Up And Go

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