Living in the Mineral World
Living in a mineral World


30 May, 1973


October 1972-March 1973






Rutle Corps

Living in the Mineral World is the fourth album by Stig O'Hara. It was a huge success, being certified double platinum just two hours after its release. This made the other ex-Rutles hate him even more.


Side one

  1. Give Me Lunch (Give Me War On Mars)
  2. Boo Me, Boo You Blues
  3. The Bite That Has Tightened The World
  4. Don't Let Me Rut Too Long
  5. Who Can See It (My Ass)
  6. Living In The Mineral World

Side two

  1. The Lord Ruts The One (That Ruts The Lord)
  2. Be Over There In A Minute
  3. Try Some, Get A Refund
  4. The Day The World Gets Around (O'Hara, Wilsoneaux-L'Amour )
  5. That Is Abysmal

2014 remaster bonus tracks

  1. Deep Queue
  2. Miss O'Hell
  3. Banana Dish

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