Maxine's Silver Lawn Mower was a song recorded on the Shabby Road album. It has the honor of being the most hated song by all members of the band with the exception of Dirk.


According to Dirk, the song is an analogy of life and how no matter how rich you are, you can't keep up with things getting out of control. "Maxine" is so rich, she owns a silver lawn mower. She lives in a house with acres of land. The grass (life, according to Dirk) grows but Maxine can't keep up with it, even with all her money and status (the grass grows faster than her lawn mower can cut it).


The song was universally hated by the band. Nasty said that the recording when on and on and never stopped. It felt like they were in there for five years. Barry got horrible headaches from the sound of the lawn mower going on and on. It was so bad that it ended in a fistfight between Dirk and Nasty, Barry attacking producer Jimmy Climmer and Stig setting a speaker on fire and dancing around in only a t-shirt.

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