McQuickly II

The album cover, taken by Martini.

McQuickly II is the second solo album by Dirk McQuickly. McQuickly recorded all instruments much like McQuickly 10 years previously. It was released in 1980.


After hearing Rutting Up, Ron Nasty was inspired to go back to recording music after his 5 year retirement. He then remembered that he still hated Dirk went back into retirement two minutes later. The songs which Nasty wrote in those two minutes were released on Triple Ecstasy.


(all songs written by McQuickly)

  1. Rutting Up
  2. Contemporary Stationary
  3. On The Day
  4. Slaughterfall
  5. Nobody Goes
  6. Back Parlour
  7. Summer's Day Pong
  8. Melted Zap
  9. Snop Pong
  10. Bookmark Room
  11. 11. One Of These Lunches

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