Ouch! band

Ouch! performing Goose Step Mama

is a live Rutles tribute band based in Austin, Texas that has been active since about 2004. Their name comes from the Rutles song of the same name.

OUCH! consists of Brian Jepson, Mike DeLeon, Ronn Roberts and Tom Burgess. Ronn and Tom (Tommo) are current and founding members of the Beatles tribute band The Eggmen. Brian is a former stage manager and performer with The Eggmen and Mike has been in a few Beatle tribute bands.

Known Songs PerformedEdit

The following information was taken from their YouTube page.

Known Venues Performed AtEdit

Jovita's, Austin, TX

Nutty Brown Cafe, Austin, TX

One 2 One Bar, Austin, TX

Saengerrunde Hall, Austin, TX

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