Pulse over America

The album cover

Pulse Over America is a live album by Punk Floyd released in 1978, and featured some tracks from the future releases.


While on their biggest tour yet, Punk Floyd recorded a live album at one of their gigs. 

Some editions of the album came with a red LED marble attached to the side. This led to the band being sued due to not getting permission to use LED lights. 


SIDE 1:Edit

  1. Venus and Marbles/Rut Show/Wet
  2. Let Me Hole It
  3. Rockestra Diamonds, Part I-IV/Part VII
  4. Medecine Car

SIDE 2:Edit

  1. Maybe I'm Abused
  2. Ball Me Rut Again
  3. Lady Mad Honours
  4. The Long A-La Mode
  5. Live and Let Diet

SIDE 3:Edit

  1. Picasso's Last Curds (Drink To Thee)
  2. Gluebird
  3. I've Just Seen The Chase
  4. Whackbird
  5. Left-Overs

SIDE 4:Edit

  1. You Reek To Me
  2. Heave
  3. On The Rut
  4. Fines
  5. The Great Pig In The Sky
  6. Tunny

SIDE 5:Edit

  1. Us And Them Twats (Ron, Stig and Barry)
  2. (Ron Has) Brain Damage
  3. Explicit
  4. Wish You Were The Egg
  5. She Never Sings

SIDE 6:Edit

  1. Rutting Go
  2. Senior's Ranch
  3. Banned on the Run
  4. My, My, My
  5. Soggy

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