Pulse over America

The album cover

Pulse Over America is a live album by Punk Floyd released in 1978, and featured some tracks from the future releases.


While on their biggest tour yet, Punk Floyd recorded a live album at one of their gigs. 

Some editions of the album came with a red LED marble attached to the side. This led to the band being sued due to not getting permission to use LED lights. 


Side one

  1. Venus and Marbles/Punk Show/Wet 
  2. Let Me Hole It
  3. Rockestra Diamond Parts I-VI/VII
  4. Medicine Bra

Side two

  1. Maybe I'm Abused
  2. Never Call Me Back Ever Again
  3. Lady O'Hara
  4. The Long a-la mode
  5. Live and Let Diet

Side three

  1. Picasso's Last Curds (Drink Some Tea)
  2. Gluebird
  3. Whackbird
  4. Left-Overs

Side four

  1. (You) Reek To Me
  2. Heave
  3. On The Rut
  4. Fines
  5. The Not-so-great Stig In the Sky
  6. Tunny

Side five

  1. Us and Them Twats (Ron, Stig, Barry)
  2. Any Nutter You Like
  3. (Ron Has) Brain Damage
  4. Explicit
  5. Wish You Were The Egg
  6. She Never Sings

Side six

  1. Rutting Go
  2. Senior's Ranch
  3. Banned on the Run
  4. Why, Why, Why
  5. Soggy