Reading a Newspaper About a New Dinosaur Discovered in the Rutland Area, Then Realizing You're Tumbling Down Eight Flights of Stairs, Knocking You Unconscious and Then You Wake Up and Realize You're in Argentina is a band formed by Don Nasty in 1996.


At the age of 7, Don Nasty married Chlamydia Crazy. This started their intense corroboration into music. Fourteen years later, the band released their first album Into the Room under a much shorter name.

Don has no musical talent what so ever, but Chlamydia makes up for it, by having even less. Their musical style consists of them picking up various instruments and playing them with the precision of a first day music student.


  • Don Nasty - guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocals, cursing, nose-picking
  • Chlamydia Nasty - guitar, bass, drums, horns, tantrums, crying

Discography Edit

  1. Over the Moon
  2. Half Horse, Half Human
  3. Spare Tire
  4. Abiogenetic Sessions
  5. Moonlight Fun

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