Red Sauce Speedway
Red Sauce Speedway










Red Sauce Speedway is an album by Punk Floyd.

Controversy Edit

In 1972, Punk Floyd decided to go on a spontaneous tour of British primary schools. They were very quickly arrested for supplying small children with acid. Dirk was quoted as saying "We saw lots of children and 5 of them grew up illegal". 

One of the bonus tracks on the album is the 50,007th take of "Life and Let Diet", from the critically panned Jennifer "Savings" Bonds film of the same name, which Ion/Jandaq released a year earlier. 

Track ListingEdit

Side one

  1. Stig's Barn Bed
  2. My Rut
  3. Get On The Red Thing (The Bus)
  4. One More Piss
  5. Rutle Spam Dragonfly

Side two

  1. Single Kitchen
  2. When The Bite
  3. Leppo (First Indian On The Moon)
  4. Medley:
  • Hold My Kite
  • Crazy Dynamite
  • Hands Of Rut
  • Power Rut

1987 CD bonus tracks

  1. I Die Around 
  2. Country Cleaner
  3. The Cress (Live with the Plague)

1993 The Dirk McQuickly Collection bonus tracks

  1. (Neddie) C Goon
  2. Why, Why, Why
  3. The Cress (Live with the Plague)
  4. I Die Around
  5. Live and Let Diet (unreleased take 50,007)

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