The Rutles on the roof of the Rutles Corp building

The Rutles Rooftop Concert was the final public performance of the band. It took place on the rooftop of the Rutle Corps building on 30 January 1969. The concert was shown on the Let It Rot (film) and on the All You Need Is Cash documentary.

This was significant as not only the last public performance, but a clear sign that band was breaking up and the lawsuits were about to begin.

Track ListingEdit

  • Get Up and Go (rehearsal)
  • Dig A Phony
  • I Warned You/(She's Too Heavy)
  • Don't let me frown
  • Get up and Go


  • An unknown engineer fell off the building at the start of the video. Fans think this may be what prompted the police to show up at the concert.
  • Stig invited Robert Preston to join them on the roof.

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