Rutland is a small micro country that doesn't exist on any map, yet can be found easily. It was founded by Stub in his bathroom.

History and affiliation with The RutlesEdit

Rutland was named after its population of Ruts, and is also home to indigenous tribes such as TulsSluts, and possibly The Rutles (although much scientific debate and research is still being carried out into proving whether The Rutles came from Rutland or in fact, came from another remote island called Liverpool). The country is indeed home to many important places in The Rutles story, including:

Rutland Weekend TelevisionEdit

It wasn't until 1975, that the people of Rutland could afford television sets, and began their own television station called Rutland Weekend Television (abbreviated as RWT). The population are still saving up to afford television on weekdays.

RWT has been noted for its many Ron Nasty and Dirk McQuickly lookalikes and impersonators, a traditional custom in Rutland after The Rutles became popular.

Rutland Weekend Television - Series One, Episode One (1975)-029:41

Rutland Weekend Television - Series One, Episode One (1975)-0

The opening night of Rutland Weekend Television. The Rutles were not invited.

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