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Rutle Soul

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Rutle Soul is a 1965 album by The Rutles. The cover was cleverly photographed by a popular artist of the time.

Track listingEdit

All songs by Nasty/McQuickly unless noted.

Side oneEdit

  1. (Stevie You Can't) Drive My Car
  2. Norwegian Food 
  3. You Won't Shave Me
  4. Somewhere Man
  5. Stig for Yourself (O'Hara)
  6. The Would
  7. Michelle (Go to Hell)

Side twoEdit

  1. Living in Hope (Womble)
  2. Female
  3. It's Looking Good
  4. In My Lunch
  5. Waste
  6. If I Needed Some Lunch (O'Hara)
  7. Rut for Your Life

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