Rutles Buttons

Vintage Rutles pinback buttons

In the 1960s during "Rutlemania",young fans the the group were desperate for merchandise of the Rutles,the demand starting the night after they debuted on the Ed Sullivan show. Many things were popular,but buttons were by far the cheapest,and accesible,despite the legal terms between the Rutles enterprise (set up by Leggy Mountbatten) and the buttons companies,including Blue Goose,a button company from Chicago.

Legalities with button manufacturingEdit

Many prototypes of Rutles memorabilia were manufactured,but one company (Blue Goose) was very interested in the Rutles,as seeing they were so popular,they could try to market to other countries,and make alot of money,therefore,when the band agreed (except Stig because he never liked pinback buttons,due to the fact that he had been poked with them as a child),Leggy came in,very tired,at 9:06 a.m. to sign the contract for the buttons. However,so Blue Goose could make more money off of the group,when Leggy wasn't looking,they broke his glasses,and changed what the contract said about the Rutles,but Leggy did not know better,and signed the paper. What he didn't know was that he signed over almost allrights for Rutles pinback manufacturing for "a 50-year time period" according to the contract,and that he signed over almost all rights to the Rutles logo. The band sued (which began the streak of Stig suing himself),and sadly lost. They only won the logo back,but still today,almost all Rutles pins come from Blue Goose.

Rutles buttons todayEdit

Blue Goose only made about 3 buttons featuring the Rutles (they originally made 5, but the first two switched the names and faces of Stig and Nasty,accidentally causing controversy),but even though not many Rutles buttons are made today,there are some,and they are very rare. Different ones include (not including Blue Goose) are:

1978 "The Rutles are Hear" button (promoting Warner Brothers' 1978 release "The Rutles". The "Rutles are HEAR" pun was created by Nasty,and originally rejected by the company,but after threatening to sue them saying "as a button company,you want to face the Rutles!?",and in 2 hours,"The Rutles are Hear" buttons were being shipped across the globe.)

There were some especially rare buttons including ones given out to people near and around the Rutles,including the band themselves. Those buttons include the promotional Hard Days Rut button,the promo button from the animated Rutles cartoon series. There were also a few made in promotion of Melvin Hall's Rutles documentary "All You Need Is Cash". Many Rutles memorabilia was memorable,but none had a story like the pins.

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