Shabby Load


April 16, 2013


Thrash metal, Comedy metal



Shabby Load is the third studio album by mash-up band Rutallica. The album contains 15 new mash-ups of Rutles and Metallica songs, including the entire "Shabby Road Medley".


Unlike previous Rutallica outings, this album contains all the original lyrics written by The Rutles, due to an imposition at Phony Music, the distributor of their label Oglio and owner of the Rutles' catalogue. Before that, the lyrics were parodies such as "For Whom Michelle Tolls".

Its title is a reference to the Rutles' album Shabby Road and Metallica's album Load. Shabby Road also provides the cover parody (referencing the iconic photo of the Rutles crossing Shabby Road in various ways, such as "Kliff McBurtly" wearing bear slippers), and most of the tracklist, with opener "Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik" and the 16-minute medley on the album's B-side. Among the exclusions were "I Warned You (She's Quite Heavy)" - which Rutallica had already spoofed as "Ktulu (He's Quite Heavy)" - and the Stig O'Hara compositions "Here Comes Your Mom" and "Somewhat?", denied inclusion by Stig's estate.

Track ListingEdit

All lyrics written by Nasty/McQuickly.

  1. Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik
    1. Contains elements of "Through The Never"
  2. Number One
  3. Michelle (Go to Hell)
    1. Contains elements of "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  4. Ouch!
  5. Please Rut Me
    1. Contains elements of "2 X 4"
  6. My Little Ukulele
    1. Contains elements of "Fade to Black"
  7. Plenty of Time
    1. Contains elements of "My Friend of Misery"
  8. Sinking
    1. Contains elements of "King Nothing"
  9. Cheerful Cousin Charlie
    1. Contains elements of "Mechanix" and "Bad Omen" by Megadeth
  10. Hexachlorophene Sham
    1. Contains elements of "My Apocalypse"
  11. He Went in Through the Front Door
    1. Contains elements of "Dirty Window"
  12. Bronze Blunders
    1. Contains elements of "Until It Sleeps"
  13. The Lunch You Take
    1. Contains elements of "The End of the Line"
  14. Lullaby
    1. Contains elements of "The View" by Lou Reed & Metallica