Shoots and Ladders
Shoots and Ladders


26 September 1974


July–August 1974





Rutle Corps

Shoots and Ladders is an album released by Ron Nasty.  It was met with somewhat positive reviews.  The album was recorded during Nasty's Lost Weekend, when he accidentally got stuck in a lift while briefly residing in a retirement home.

Nasty dueted with the then 15 year old comedian and writer Ben Elton on the song Whatever Gets You Thru The Fridge, which has been Nasty's only number one single to date. Rude Nasty plays drums and also screams a lot on the song Ja Ja.

Track listingEdit

Side one

  1. Going Down on Lunch
  2. Whatever Gets You Thru The Fridge
  3. Old Dark Load
  4. What You Plot
  5. Bless Everyone (except Dirk)
  6. Shared

Side two

  1. #9 Queen
  2. Lies, Lies (Bloody Bird of Paradox)
  3. Steel and Bras
  4. Kangaroo Jerky
  5. Nobody Ruts You (When You're Up and In)
  6. Ja, Ja (Morgan Robinson, Lee Dorsey, Clarence Lewis, Moris Levy, arrangement by Chastity Hitler )

2005 bonus tracks 

  1. Whatever Gets You Thru The Fridge 
  • Live with the Ben Elton band

 2. Nobody Ruts You (When You're Up and In)

  • Alternate Version

 3. Ron interview (by Melvin Hall)

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