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Shoots and Ladders
Shoots and Ladders


26 September 1974


July–August 1974





Rutle Corps

Shoots and Ladders is an album released by Ron Nasty.  It was met with somewhat positive reviews. 

Track listingEdit

Side oneEdit

  1. "Going Down on Lunch"
  2. "Whatever Gets You Thru the Day"
  3. "Old Dark Load"
  4. "What You Get"
  5. "Bloody You"
  6. "Scarled"

Side twoEdit

  1. "#9 Queen"
  2. "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise (Bloody Bird of Paradox)"
  3. "Steel and Brass"
  4. "Kangaroo Jerky"
  5. "Everybody Loves You (Unless You're Up and In)"
  6. "Ja Ja"

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