The Mecca Tapes
The Mecca Tapes




1 January 1962







The Mecca Tapes is a recordings of the 15 songs the Rutles recorded when Brian Thigh and Mecca turned down the Rutles. 


On New Year's Day 1962, the Rutles recorded 15 songs (with 3 originals) for Mecca after Leggy Mountbatten had contacted many labels for the Rutles to record at. Brian Thigh turned the Rutles down by saying, "Guitar groups are on their way out, Mr. Mountbatten".  The songs now exist only as a bootleg. This was prior to Barry becoming part of the group so drums were played by Kevin I.S. Best, but The Rutles thought that Barry was more in the band than Kevin, so that's why he is in the aution photograph.


  1. Like Weeners Do (Nasty/McQuickly)
  2. Honey (That's What I Want) (Fordy/Fadford)
  3. Between Us (Nasty/McQuickly)
  4. The Cheek Of Araby (Pith/Windower/Wynder)
  5. To Know Lunch Is To Love Lunch (Hector)
  6. Take Good Care Of My Sandwhich (Queen/Muffin)
  7. Bristol, Birmingham (Merry)
  8. Sure To Rut (With You) (Pantsrell/Clutch/Gerkin)
  9. Hello Little Pearl (Nasty/McQuickly)
  10. Three Cool Caps (Sleeper/Moller)
  11. Dying, Hating, Groping (Molly)
  12. Rut Of The Rutted (Nasty/McQuickly)
  13. September On The Plane (Warris/Befast)
  14. Abrazame Mucho (Celaverazadoras)
  15. Churchin' (Sleeper/Moller)

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