Prefab Faux

The PreFab Faux.

The Prefab Faux is a Rutles tribute band that started in 1998.

Band MembersEdit

Current MembersEdit

  • Will Lee - bass, keys, vocals
  • Jimmy Vivino - guitar, keys, vocals
  • Rich Pagano - drums, vocals
  • Frank Angello - guitar, vocals
  • Jack Petruzzelli - keys, guitar, vocals

Guest MusiciansEdit

  • Jerry Vivino - horns
  • Tom "Bones" Malone - horns
  • Tom Timko - horns
  • Sibel Finn - cello
  • Amy Kimball - violin
  • Erin Hill - harp, backing vocals
  • Andy York - guitar, backing vocals
  • John Chudoba - trumpet
  • Jim Boggia - guitar
  • Denny Laine - guitar, backing voicals

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