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The Rutles (aka The Shite Album) is a 1968 double album by The Rutles. It was influenced by Arthur Sultan on their trip to Bognor (See The Rutles in Bognor). The only western instrument available to the group during their visit were the acoustic guitar and the ukelele, and thus many of the songs on The Rutles were written and first performed on those instruments. Not related with The Triangular Album

Tracklist Edit

Disc One Edit

  1. We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here)
  2. Let's Be Natural
  3. Unfinished Words
  4. Mr. Eurovision Song Contest Man
  5. Testing
  6. Hey Mister!
  7. Under My Skin
  8. Dream On
  9. Another Day
  10. How's Your Father
  11. Protest Song
  12. Jollity Farm
  13. Bad Blood
  14. Living in Hope
  15. Tent
  16. I Give Myself To You
  17. Mother

Disc Two Edit

  1. Sausages
  2. Short Blues
  3. Quiet Talks & Summer Walks
  4. Monkey On My Back
  5. Don't Know Why
  6. We Are Normal
  7. Highs And Lows
  8. Blackest Of Blues
  9. My Little Ukelele
  10. Hard Times
  11. Godfrey Daniel
  12. Rutleution 2
  13. Scarlet Ribbons


The album's sleeve was designed by a pop artist, in collaboration with McQuickly. The design was in stark contrast to The vivid cover art for Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band, and consisted of a plain white sleeve. The band's name was blind embossed slightly below the middle of the album's right side, and the cover also featured number "9999999". The Rutles thought that this cover was stupid and senseless.