The Rutles (People called it The Shite Album) is a 1968 double album.


-Disc One-

1. We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here)

2. Let's Be Natural

3. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

4. Unfinished Words

5. Questionnaire

6. Another Day

7. My Little Ukulele

8. Doubleback Alley

9. Don't Know Why

10. Wild Bunny Rum Cake

11. The Continuing Story of Hotel Will

12. While My Piano Gently Screams

13. Sadness Is A Cold Phaser Gun

14. Bertha My Reindeer

15. I'm So Awake

16. Whackbird

17. Pugs

18. Untitled (as of today)

19. Apollo Squrrel

20. Do Pass Me Pie

21. Why Don't We Get Naked and Have A Special Hug In The Middle Of New York?

22. My Pill

23. Joliet

24. Shangri-La

-Disc Two-

1. Back In Guam

2. Dear Patience

3. Plastic Garlic

4. Oo-Blah-Doe, Oo-Blah-Dee

5. Death Day

6. Quanta

7. Bad News

8. Mother Nature's Sun

9. Everybody's Got Something To Show Except [[Me And My Chimpanzee

10. Celibate Sadie

11. Hunter Gatherer

12. Bong, Bong, Bong

13. Revelation 13

14. Bunny Rum Cake

15. Herbs

16. Wry, Baby, Wry

17. Revelation 2

18. Shuffle Truffle

19. Wakey Wakey

20. Good Afternoon

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