The Rutles Archaeology

Directed by:

Melvin Hall

Produced by:

Melvin Hall

Written by:

Melvin Hall


Ron Nasty Dirk McQuickly Stig O' Hara Barry Wom

Release Date:

19 November 1995

Running Time:


For the CDs released in between 1996 and 1997, see Archaeology 1, Archaeology 2, and Archaeology 3.

The Rutles Anthology was an 11-Hour documentary movie filmed and released in 1997. It looked at the lives of The Rutles, from 1959 to the present. It featured brand-new interviews with Ron Nasty, Stig O'Hara, Dirk McQuickly, and Barry Wom. The movie features clips from other documentaries such as All You Need is Cash and Can't Buy Me Lunch.