The Rutles at Budokan Tokyo 1966
Japan 1966


30 June 1986


30 June 1966 - 2 July 1966 Budokan,Tokyo,Japan






Toshiba EMI

The Rutles at Budokan Tokyo 1966 is a live album by The Rutles released in 1986.

Track listingEdit

  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome Rutles-Performance of The Drifters and Jacky Nishikawa Etcetla Japanese Band.
  3. Blue Suede Schubert-The Drifters Version.
  4. The Rutles Appearance
  5. Rut'n Roll Music
  6. He's a Whoman
  7. If I Needed Some Lunch
  8. Gay Tripper
  9. Baby's in Brut
  10. It's Looking Good
  11. Left-Overs
  12. Ouch!
  13. Living in Hope
  14. Somewhere Man
  15. Paper-Route Driver
  16. I'm Down Lawn Clown
  17. Mr. Moonrut

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