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The Rutles have released many albums. They are listed here.


My Ronnie

My Ronnie

Meet The Rutles

Meet The Rutles
22 November 1963

A Hard Day's Rut

A Hard Day's Rut
10 July 1964


6 August 1965

Rutle Soul by SteveWorek

Rutle Soul
3 December 1965

Triangle 2

The Triangular Album
1 January 1966

The rutles semi automatic by motament

5 August 1966

Sgt rutters only darts club band

Sgt. Rutter's only Darts Club Band
1 June 1967

Tragical history tour album

Tragical History Tour
27 November 1968

Yellow submarine sandwich album

Yellow Submarine Sandwich
13 January 1969

Shabby road

Shabby Road
26 September 1969

Let it rot album

Let It Rot
8 May 1970

Early Rutles

The Early Rutles
22 March 1971

Der Rat

Live! at the Rat Keller in Hamburg, Germany; 1962
8 April 1977

Live at che stadium

The Rutles at Che Stadium
4 May 1977

The Rutles (album)

The Rutles
March 1978


20 Greatest Hits
11 October 1982

Yellow submarine sandwich soundtrack

Yellow Submarine Sandwich Soundtrack
13 September 1999


Archaeology 1
20 November 1996


Archaeology 2
18 March 1997


Archaeology 3
28 October 1997


13 November 2000

Let it rot naked

Let it Rot... Naked
17 November 2003


20 November 2010

Solo AlbumsEdit

Cover recordsEdit

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