Tragical History Tour
Tragical History Tour-0


27 November 1967 (US LP)

8 December 1967 (UK Double EP)


25 April – 7 November 1967, EMI and Olympic studios, London




36:35 (US LP)

19:08 (UK double EP)



Tragical History Tour is an album by The Rutles that was released as a double EP in the United Kingdom and an LP in the United States. Produced by Archie Macaw, it includes the soundtrack to the 1967 film of the same name. Some songs of the US LP have alternate titles, because in the US they used to change UK songs names for fun.


The album, along with the film, was the first thing to be made after Leggy Mountbatten's movement to Australia, and the film and the album are infamous for their poor quality (but the album is still better than the film).

Track listingEdit

EP Edit

Side one

  1. "Tragical History Tour"
  2. "Your Mother Should Go"

Side two

  1. "I Am the Waitress" /"Piggy in the Middle"

Side three

  1. "The Fool on the Pill" /"Questionnaire"
  2. "Lying"

Side four

  1. "Blue Gay Way" (O'Hara)

LP Edit

Tragical History Tour

Side one

  1. "Tragical History Tour"
  2. "The Fool on the Pill" /"Questionnaire"
  3. "Lying"
  4. "Blue Gay Way" (O'Hara)
  5. "Your Mother Should Go"
  6. "I Am the Waitress" /"Piggy in the Middle"

Side two

  1. "Hello Get Lost"
  2. "W.C. Fields Forever"
  3. "Denny Lane" /"Doubleback Alley"
  4. "Abie You're a Rich Man"
  5. "All You Need Is Lunch"/"Love Life"
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