The Tragical History Tour is a song released on the album of the same name. The song was written by Dirk McQuickly after he encountered a tea substance trip with his brother Spike McQuickly, a history professor who worked at the University Of Oxford. Dirk claimed the title came from a saying by his younger brother who said to him "roll up for the tragical history tour!". The song was recorded a week after they completed Sgt Rutter, and Dirk took up on most instruments during the recording session.

Recording sessions Edit

The song was recorded on 25th June 1967 at Shabby Road Studios in London, the song was recorded in four takes with each take being a different singer. Dirk's vocals was the third take and the take was chosen as the best since he was a faster singer than everyone else and also better singer than everyone else. It consisted of Dirk McQuickly on lead vocals, piano, bass guitar, trumpet and tape loops, Barry Wom on drums, cowbell and backing vocals, Ron Nasty on rhythm guitar and backing vocals and Stig O'Hara on lead guitar. More trumpet overdubs was recorded on 31st June 1967 at the suggestion of Dirk who liked trumpets.

The song was recorded before the thought of a film project, until five minutes into the session where Dirk said "who thinks Tragical History Tour should be a film?". Ron Nasty jokingly replied with "sure when will the film be released?". Dirk didn't get the joke and decided it would be best Tragical History Tour should be a film project.

Musical structure Edit

The song is split into five distinctive sections-

1.Introduction 0:00-0:35 (Instrumental)

2. First verse and chorus 0:36-1:18

3. Repeat of chorus 1:18-2:00

4. Bridge 2:01-2:22 (Instrumental)

5. Second verse and fadeout. 2:22-2:56.

The song is in the key of A major and uses a 4/4 time signature and has a tempo of 105 beats per minute, the song was originally written in the key of C major but was transposed for recording.

Covers by other artists Edit

The song was covered on the tribute album Rutland Highway Revisited by Le Beat Less, a French version of The Beatles.

It was covered by Dirk McQuickly's other band Punk Floyd, a punk rock band on their last album The Spoon and The Egg.

Rod Stewart performed a cover version of the song at a concert in Romania to raise money for people who were rich and then lost their fortune.