Two Mormons
Two mormons


11 November, 1968


19 May, 1968






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Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Mormons is a 1968 avant-garde/noise album by Ron Nasty and Chastity Hitler, the first of three experimental albums released by the two. The album art is notorious for being remarkably controversial, as it follows with Nasty's conflictual relationship with organized religion after his "bigger than God" comment.
The cover of this album portrays Nasty and Chastity dressed as Mormons, followers of a monotheistic religion who maintain similar belief in God. The cover was perceived to be another attack on monotheistic belief.
It was released in a brown paper bag with verses from the Book of Mormon written on them in most retailers, and in rice paper bags in Japan.

The album is also remarkable for containing some of the worst noises ever recorded in audio history. Reviewers have called the album "shitty" and "pretentious".

Track listingEdit

All selections by Ron Nasty and Chastity Hitler, except where noted.

Side one
"Two Mormons Side One": – 14:14

  • "Two Mormons No. 1"
  • "Endeavour" (Gange Blunty DeSalvia, Loo Brown, Gay Benderson)
  • "Two Mormons No. 2"
  • "Two Mormons No. 3"
  • "Two Mormons No. 4"
  • "Two Mormons No. 5"

Side two
"Two Mormons Side Two": – 15:13

  • "Two Mormons No. 6"
  • "Shut Up and Leave" (composer unknown)
  • "Two Mormons No. 7"
  • "Two Mormons No. 8"
  • "Two Mormons No. 9"
  • "Two Mormons No. 10"

Bonus track

  • "Remember Lunch" (Hitler) – 4:05