Wild Life at the Gates of Dawn
Wild Life at the Gates of Dawn


5 August 1971


21 February – 21 May 1971







Wild Life at the Gates of Dawn is the second album by Punk Floyd, released in 1971. After Bob Dylan released an almost internationally hated album, McQuickly wanted to do the same. The album was recorded in 10 minutes, which is shorter than the album itself.

Tracklisting Edit

(all tracks written by McQuickly/McQuickly unless noted)

  1. Fumble
  2. Rit Rut
  3. Love Is Deranged (Caker, Pith)
  4. Mild Life
  5. Some People Never Rut
  6. I Am Your Finger
  7. Two Weeks From Now
  8. Dear Ron
  9. Give Rutland Back to the Rutles
  10. Mary Had a Rutle Lamb
  11. Rutle Woman's Lunch
  12. Papa's Rutle Guy
  13. I'm totally over the Rutles

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