Wish You Were The Egg

The album cover.

Wish You Were The Egg was the next-to-last original Punk Floyd album, released in 1979

Tour and ControversysEdit

After the release of the album, Punk Floyd went on a tour of Japan. After the customs discovered a fireman's helmet in Dirk's luggage, he was promptly sent to the local fire station to fight fires. After 10 days, he had learned enough Japanese to tell the locals that he wasn't, in fact, a fireman. It cost Punk Floyd their tour, and resulted in Dirk being sued by all the venues that had to cancel gigs, as well as all the houses he let burn down.


(all tracks composed by Dirk McQuickly unless noted)

SIDE 1:Edit

  1. Lobby
  2. Rockestra Diamonds, Part I-V
  3. Getting Farther
  4. Spin It Off
  5. Once More, Twice More, Three Times Thrice More
  6. Old Machine, Welcome
  7. Arrow Through Stig

SIDE 2:Edit

  1. Jazzy Tune
  2. To Him
  3. Winter Cigar
  4. The Transmission
  5. Glad to Hear You There This Morning
  6. Rockestra Diamonds, Part VI-IX
  7. Ron's Request


1. Nighttime Daytime Recovering

2. Cornelius the Black-Nosed Prospector Reggae

3. Bad Day Today (extended 20-minute version)

4. Terrible Eastertime

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