Wonder Ball Music
Wonder Ball


1 November 1968


December 1967 in Rutland, 9–15 January 1968 in Bombay, India






Rutle Corps

Wonder Ball Music is Stig O'Hara's first solo album. It featured no lyrics at all, and Stig himself barely appeared on the LP.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Microrut's
  2. Rut Lady Too
  3. Tabla And Bakaraj
  4. In The Walk
  5. Drinking a Home
  6. Guru Shangrila
  7. Greasy Eggs
  8. Sky-ing
  9. Gat Swahili
  10. Scream Scene
  11. Party Seacong
  12. Lunch Scene
  13. Cruting
  14. Indian Museum
  15. Fantasy Set Queen
  16. Blass Box
  17. On The Rut
  18. Wonderball To Be Here
  19. Starting Om

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