Yellow Submarine Sandwich
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17 January 1969


12 May 1967 – 11 February 1968, EMI, London






Rutle Corps

Preceded By

The Triangular Album (1968)

Succeeded By

Shabby Road (1969)

"Yellow Submarine Sandwich" was an album released in 1969, along with the film of the same name. A similar CD was released in 1999, but with fewer songs and a simpler cover.

Track listingEdit

Side oneEdit

  1. Yellow Submarine Sandwich
  2. Cheese and Onions
  3. Only a Rutle Song
  4. All Together Cow
  5. Hey Rutdog
  6. It's Too Much Lunch
  7. Love Life

Side twoEdit

  1. Rutterland
  2. Sea of Time
  3. Sea of Holes
  4. Sea of Condiments
  5. Attack of the Meanies and Sharks
  6. Rutterland Laid Waste
  7. Yellow Submarine Sandwich in Rutterland

Archie Macaw composed all the side two of the album. It can be heard in the Yellow Submarine Sandwich (film)

Joe Public was going to be included on the album, but was instead used as a B-side to Love Life.