Yellow Submarine Sandwich Soundtrack
Yellow submarine sandwich soundtrack


13 September 1999


1965–1968 at EMI, Olympic and De Lane Lea studios, London






Rutle Corps

"Yellow Submarine Sandwich Songtrack" was an album released in 1999, containing music from the 1968 film, the Yellow Submarine Sandwich.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Yellow Submarine Sandwich
  2. Hey Rutdog
  3. Roosevelt Mordecai
  4. Nevertheless
  5. All Together Cow
  6. Good Times Roll
  7. Unfinished Words
  8. Stig For Yourself
  9. Major's Happy Up and Coming Once Upon a Good Time Band
  10. Rendezvous
  11. Abie You're a Rich Man
  12. Only a Rutle Song
  13. Love Life
  14. Back in '64
  15. It's Too Much Lunch
  16. Cheese and Onions

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